Pacman makes his first appearance in arcades in 1979 in Japan under the title Puck Man, derived from Japanese PakuPaku which denotes the action of opening and closing the mouth.

The game, created by Tohru Iwanati for the Japanese company Namco, made his Release 22 May 1980 in Japan and has a legendary success soon with 100,000 units sold that year.

In 1981, MS Pacman made his exit to attract players, the majority Instead of players being male. In 1982, Super PacMan and More PacMan that are emerging. These two extensions are marked by the introduction of the random factor, and replacement of the pellets with fruit. Then Pac and Pal, Junior Professor PacMan and PacMan make their appearance in 1983. Professor PacMan will be a flop because only 400 terminals will be produced. The flop continues the following year with the launch of Pacland, inspired the TV series that offers nothing interesting to do to players. This is the end of the era PacMan after 4 years that have marked the history of gaming.

In 1988, PacMan is slowly coming back on the market with the release of PacMania available on Megadrive and NES. Namco is trying to innovate out this 3D game including giving the possibility to PacMan jump, but the game has a lot of bugs, including unable to drop some pills or ghosts appear to be more than 4. Back to 2D in 1993 with the release of PacAttack Gameboy, a fun mix of Tetris and PacMan. The

game is to stack the ghost block for our heroes eat. New flop in 1994, PacMan 2, which is the result of PacMan, with a very limited gameplay.

1995 will be the year of release of Pac-in-time, on a platform game Gameboy as there are dozens. We must collect a certain enough pellets to move up the levels.

The most prominent PacMan World, released in 2001 on the Playstation, which all the gameplay of Mario in 3D platform game with 36 levels to the key. MS Pac Man Maze Madness and PacMan Fever are also appeared the same year on the Playstation, the game in MPMM laby Fever in 3D and multiplayer combat, where there are other Namco game characters. 2001 was a great year of success yellow for Camembert.

In 2002, Pac Man World 2 is released on Gamecube and Playstation 2, very good 3D platform game yet, but the principle remains unchanged, which gives a repetitive aspect to the universe that surrounds our heroes, right or Namco should innovate! It will be followed World 3 in 2006.

In 2005, Pac-Pix and Pac'n'roll out on Nintendo DS. In pix, it must draw it down PacMan ghosts and roll has several 3D maze levels.

Finally, PacMan Party, was released in 2010 on Wii, and is composed of 50 mini-arcade games, to celebrate 30 years of Pacman.